Sunday, December 30, 2007

I live --

It's been a busy semester -- I went back to work - full time, two jobs for a while, and went to school. We didn't place in the Ketchup contest, but we did get an offer to do the bike show next summer. I'm thrilled. I don't stitch anymore, except on the one piece of my sister's that I have. School and work are sucking the life out of me.

Friday, August 10, 2007


We spent a whole day in July taping a commercial for a Heinz Ketchup Contest.

Here is the link to it on You Tube. It was just plain fun!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

And Then I Cried

I can't though... I can't cry -- not today, not when my heart and soul demand that I do so. My grandma passed away today. She was my grandma through my friends. She treated me and my DD like her grandkids and great-grandkids. Her death reminds me of all that I didn't get done. A promise, now broken, that can never be kept. When Nancy died, I made a promise to myself that the fabric I inherited from her would be used to make a quilt for her mother, grandma. But life intervened and when I came out of myself enough after the pain had faded, I never got to it. There was always something else. Not always bigger or brighter or better -- but something else. She was sick and I think tired. She held on longer than she ever believed she would, but after her eldest child left this world and her husband had too, I don't know that she wanted to remain any longer.

The sun rose in shades of red and pink,
The summer moon in a brilliant orange,
The hues of fire burnt into my soul,
The blackened ash uncovered,
Friends forever,
The wind stands still, afraid to move,
The clouds threaten tears,
Tears that mingle with those of my heart.
The Earth sheds the tears I can not.
And I am sadden more.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Script Frenzy Approaches

June 1st, begins the month-long script frenzy. I'm excited. I'm writing, I'm in school, and trying to find a job and have no time -- I can't wait!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Crossed Paths

Off Balance
Center lost
Paths crossed
My soul wants one
My heart both and neither
The mist rises obscurring the way

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deep of Night

In deepest winter
In the bitterness of night
Welcoming fires flicker and fade
An enemy is within

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Card of Life

You are the World

Completion, Good Reward.

The World is the final card of the Major Arcana, and as such represents saturnian energies, time, and completion.

The World card pictures a dancer in a Yoni (sometimes made of laurel leaves). The Yoni symbolizes the great Mother, the cervix through which everything is born, and also the doorway to the next life after death. It is indicative of a complete circle. Everything is finally coming together, successfully and at last. You will get that Ph.D. you've been working for years to complete, graduate at long last, marry after a long engagement, or finish that huge project. This card is not for little ends, but for big ones, important ones, ones that come with well earned cheers and acknowledgements. Your hard work, knowledge, wisdom, patience, etc, will absolutely pay-off; you've done everything right.

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I'm a Talent!

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Community Life

I was with my family not to long ago celebrating my mom's birthday and I remembered something... I enjoy being part of a larger 'family' group. The Saturday before my DD and I spent the night at my brother's house because I didn't feel like driving home at that hour and in those conditions. The next morning, I helped my SIL make breakfast and the three oldest kids helped set (and clear) the table. I cook for two people most of the time and endure my family's taunts and teasings when I cook for everyone. (They've always liked what I've made though.)

I enjoy the idea of a community life where there are several adults and children and everyone is helping everyone. A place with a community kitchen and gardens. Each immediate family has their own house where they can have privacy and visitors if they choose and own lives but still share the responsiblities of a community.

It's a dream, one that people have tried before -- with disasterous consequences, but I found that as a person, I'm social, and being alone isn't exactly motivating.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sad Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of my roommate, mother figure, guiding light, conscence, and friend's death. Some things have changed. Some have not. I've made it a year, sometimes just barelly. Clinging onto the precipace with my finger nails. I have missed her terribly these last 12 months. There is an emptiness in my heart that can't be replaced.

I miss you Nancy. I hope you know how much we love you. Still.

Different Views

I find it interesting that two seperate views on something can produce totally different results.

Friends of mine when they are exposed to or suspect that they have been exposed to germs (i.e. cold, flu, or whatever) sterilize everything they can -- including the air. I, on the other hand, change nothing of my habits. The results -- they are sicker longer and worse. I am sick rarely and less severely and my DD is hardly sick at all.

My theory has long been that if you sterilize everything and promote a culture of germ-a-phobs, you will weaken your immune system -- the natural one you're born with -- while systematically creating supergerms.

Now, this is not to say that I'm against medical intervention, just that it should be used with common sense and a little education. It is amazing what the human body can do. Naturally. And while I'm studying science, it's the not the end-all-be-all. Not all of the answers can be found in science. Not all of the answers can be found in any one area.

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Goals

Again I’ve divided my goals into three parts –

Stitching and Sewing
1. Finish Storyteller
2. Finish SDad Sweatshirt
3. Finish Celtic Banner
4. Finish 2006 Thimbleberries quilt
5. Finish 2007 Thimbleberries quilt
6. Do scrap quilt – Monkey Wrench Quilt for Mom
7. Do the W. quilt
8. Irish Chain in Pink for DD
9. Granny Square quilts for N sisters and mom
10. Finish Ren Costume
11. Make winter weather Ren garb
12. Make Civil War gown (day or evening)
13. Finish new bodices for ren garb
14. Finish 7 shirts for me
15. Clothes for me
16. Clothes for DD

1. Finish DT
2. Submit DT
3. Finish GTF
4. Finish HA
5. Figure out major themes, storylines, and order for RH/RME
6. Finish TMCT completely
- WW
- EK
- EW
7. Write 2-10 pages a day
8. Contact at least 3 agents
9. Contact at least 3 editors
10. Attend RWA Nationals
11. Join FFP SIC of RWA
12. Participate in NaNoWriMo (write more than 2,000 words)
13. Enter Golden Heart (if eligible)
14. Look at RT possibilities in 2008


1. Lose Weight
2. Read w/ DD daily
3. Read more
4. Stay on top of finances
5. Stay on top of schoolwork
6. Organize and de-clutter my house
7. Get my CNA
8. Get job
9. Live w/in my means
10. Simplify my life
11. Get to myself better (aka get to know my inner elf)
12. Exercise 5X a week
13. Yoga 3X a week
14. Get DD a bike
15. ride w/ DD
16. Take DD to Sleeping Bear Dunes
17. Take DD to Binder Park
18. Take DD to local Art Museum
19. Get zoo membership
20. Take DD to GR Art museum
21. Take DD to GR public museum
22. Take DD to state capital
23. Take DD to Ford Museum in GR
24. Take DD to Ford Museum in D.
25. Take DD to Frankenmuth w/ my mom
26. Frankenmuth w/ mom, sil, aunts
27. Take DD to Chicago
28. Save up to go to SLC, Nashville, or Vegas to see as many of my sisters as I can.
29. Celebrate Christmas this year.
30. Start Christmas shopping early.

Goals Wrap Up 2006

Overall, 2006 wasn’t that great. I graduated from the community college and started at the university, but I didn’t make it into the program I wanted to. And the whole year was offset by the fact that my roommate died 16 days into the year. A fact that haunted me throughout the year and came through at Christmas, when I didn’t put up a tree or anything, which really was okay, since we weren’t home for Christmas anyway. Really, holidays were celebrated this year, because my of DD, for her sake. For me, I was okay without them.
I made some of my goals, and not others. But life happens and there isn’t anything that can be done about it.

Writing Goals –
1. Write 2-6 pages daily --Nope, but I started too, and it makes my list of 2007 goals
2. Finish WW – I didn’t. I stopped working on it when I decided that all of the characters had to die. I’m taking a sabbatical from the trilogy.
3. Finish EK -- I’m taking a sabbatical from the trilogy, since you can’t finish the series without any of the lead or supporting characters.
4. Finish EW -- I’m taking a sabbatical from the trilogy, since you can’t finish the series without any of the lead or supporting characters.
5. Finish DR – Nope, but I made some progress.
6. Finish GTF – I made progress on it.
7. Contact at least 1 editor for MCT -- There is no reason to contact an editor or an agent if the project isn’t completed.
8. Contact at least 1 editor for DR -- There is no reason to contact an editor or an agent if the project isn’t completed.
9. Contact at least 1 editor for GTF -- There is no reason to contact an editor or an agent if the project isn’t completed.
10. Finish RTF – Nope. Didn’t even start it.
11. Contact at least1 editor for RTF -- There is no reason to contact an editor or an agent if the project isn’t completed.
12. Contact at least 1 editor specializing or dealing with Sci-Fi and Fantasy -- There is no reason to contact an editor or an agent if the project isn’t completed.
13. Attend RWA National Conference -- Yeah, there was no money for a conference this year, and not a strong desire either. Better luck in 2007
14. Look into SFWA Conference’s -- did, don't remember what I found --
15. Join RWA SIC FFP – Almost, filled the paperwork out, but the fees were suppose to go through paypal and my acct never worked out. I’ll retry in 2007.
16. Organize research – hard copy and digital – Mostly. Probably need another filing cabinet to fit it all though.
17. Participate in NANOWRIMO -- I did. And I got about 2,000 words written and then the prof’s spring things like 4 papers with bibliographies and multiple sources (for books you either need to borrow or buy) due at the end of the month. Ugh.
18. Enter RWA’s Golden Heart – Didn’t finish anything to enter. It goes back on the goals for 2007.
19. Subscribe to Writer’s Digest, Realms of Fantasy, Asimov – Nope, but I buy them when I can.

General Goals –
1. Lose about 100 lbs -- Started, but lost the momentum. Ready to hit it again.
2. Exercise at least 3 times a week – I was going 5 times a week, but it didn’t last.
3. Look into joining the YMCA – No need to, school has a great gym with good hours.
4. Eat Healthier – Yup. Feel better too.
5. Cut out Pop – Yup. Feel better too.
6. Swim at least 3 times a week – Nope, open swim isn’t that often, which really sucks.
7. Put together a spreadsheet(s) of all of my books, music, movies, Cross Stitch, and sewing stuff and keep a copy off site. – I’m still working on it.
8. Encourage and help N to do the same thing. -- Doesn't apply, since she died on the 16th of January.
9. Put Together My Reading List and try to buy those books, if not borrow them from the Library – Yes, I have it, but I haven’t had a chance to do a lot of reading for pleasure. Ick. Better luck in 2007.
10. Read at least two books a month, one should hopefully be a classic – Not a chance, once school started up == at least not for pleasure and not ones I’d read on my own. But a couple of them were actually pretty cool.
11. Put together Christmas gift idea list of things to get people – I did. And I even used it. I do have next year’s list started – well it’s this year’s since it’s already 2007.
12. Start Christmas Shopping Early -- I did. Good thing too.
13. Finish Christmas Shopping by November 15th. – Hehehehe – Nope. Still not finished.
14. Start Christmas Baking Early. Freeze if necessary. – I didn’t bake anything.
15. Have Cookie and Ornament Exchange the 1st week of December, with all ornaments and invitations being homemade. – Cancelled because of snow and I wasn’t up for it.
16. Put together a list of all of the things I need and want for the house, start getting them, slowly – Started it. It’s on hold until I buy a house of my own.
17. Clean, organize, and declutter my bedroom.-- Did it. Will need to do it again.
18. Clean, organize, and declutter the utility room. -- Did it.
19. Clean, organize, and declutter the garage - Did it.
20. Clean, organize, and declutter the living room. - Did it.
21. Take DD to Binder Park - Did it.
22. Take DD to Kalamazoo Air Zoo -- 2007?
23. Take DD to Utah to visit friends -- 2007?
24. Take DD to Dallas to visit family - Did it.
25. Take DD to John Ball Park Zoo -- 2007?
26. Take DD to Sleeping Bear Dunes -- 2007?
27. Spend more quality time with DD – Yes, I think I did. But it’s still something I need to work on.
28. Stay on top of finances (includes paying off bills whenever possible) –Mostly.
29. Stay on top of Schoolwork, -- Mostly. I made 3 A’s and a B this Semester. And I graduated from GRCC in May
30. Stay on the Dean’s list – New school, new rules, we’ll see if I made it. I didn’t for my last semester at GRCC, but really, it’s okay. I was happy to graduate. Last year was almost as bad as 2005. And that’s saying something.
31. Subscribe to National Geographic, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, and Discovery, -- Yes.
32. Finish applying to Colleges- Did it.
33. Take DD to Bronner’s & Frankenmuth with my mom – Nope. Maybe in 2007
34. Weekend trip to Bronner’s and Frankenmuth with Mom, SIL, and Aunt – Yes. And it was fun. My aunts are a trip when they’re drunk.
Stitching and Sewing Goals
1. Finish W. Quilt – Still have to start it.
2. Finish W. Announcement - Did it.
3. Teach at least 1 person to Cross Stitch – I did. My friend from school and my niece.
4. Finish TW Storyteller -- LOL – Better luck in 2007
5. Re-do Nephew #3 birth announcement – Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
6. Stitch Niece #1 birth announcement -- Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
7. Stitch Niece #2 birth announcement -- Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
8. Stitch Nephew #5 birth announcement -- Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
9. Finish scrap quilt for mom – Nope, got sidetracked with the Thimbleberries quilt, she’ll like that one.
10. Finish sweatshirt for Stepdad – Nope. Never got to it.
11. Finish Dragon Quilt for me – Nope, and the fabric got misplaced in the moves.
12. Finish Dutchman’s Puzzle, see if DBro wants it or give it to Uncle – Still couldn’t work on it.
13. Finish my costume, started last year – I don’t think so.
14. Sew DD Halloween Costume – Nope, she wanted a store bought one – it ripped within five minutes, we won’t go that route again.
15. Sew Summer clothes for DD – I did get some done.
16. Sew summer clothes for Niece #2 for her birthday-- Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
17. Sew summer clothes for Niece #3 for her birthday -- Nope, and it won’t get done. I don’t stitch or sew for ungrateful buffoons, even if they are family.
18. Finish TW’s Celtic Cross – Nope, but I did work on it.
19. Find and Finish TW’s Futurecast - Did it. And a pic is listed on Ms. Wentzler's Website. Silmarwen
20. Kit Stretch – Nope, not yet.
21. Kit Tempest -- Nope, not yet.
22. Finish The Last Supper (need 36x20 fabric – 28 ct) – Needed new fabric, so it’s been started, but that’s it.
23. Start and Finish Celtic Banner – Hey, I started it. Frogged it. And restarted it. It’s good.
24. Start Resurrection Did it.
25. Stitch Orchid Afghan for Nana (find out which issues it was in and reorder them) – Nope. Needs repairs to finish it.
26. Finish Bird Afghan – Nope, who has time.
27. Subscribe to The Cross Stitcher, Stoney Creek Cross Stitch, The Stitchery, and Just Cross Stitch – I subscribed to one, and will do the rest later.
28. Subscribe to Quilt – Nope, not yet.
29. Find and kit Celtic Angel – Haven’t found it. I might just replace it. We’ll see.

So I accomplished some of my goals and made others. It was another one of those years. Well, 2007, should be much better!