Friday, October 13, 2006

Weather Sign

Everyday on my way from classes to the parking ramp, I pass by this section of grass that has 3 old oak trees and a couple of other trees that produce red berries. I prefer walking on the grass than the cement walk way and as I do, I cannot take a step without crushing 4 or 5 acorns and the squirrels (1 to 3) don't stop in their frantic gathering to acknowledge my presence. They are either so use to humans that their presence no longer bothers them or they are so worried about the upcoming winter they don't care. Or it could be some combination of the two. I can't read animal actions when it comes to winter, but I acknowledge theat their instincts are generally correct when it comes to surival and weather. Me, I'm not sure what this winter is going to look at since we got somewhere between 5.5 & 8 inches of snow yesterday. (but it was just suppose to be a few showers.) If snow this early in October is any indication, it could be pretty bad. And my campus doesn't close. hmmmmmmmmm