Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Goals

Again I’ve divided my goals into three parts –

Stitching and Sewing
1. Finish Storyteller
2. Finish SDad Sweatshirt
3. Finish Celtic Banner
4. Finish 2006 Thimbleberries quilt
5. Finish 2007 Thimbleberries quilt
6. Do scrap quilt – Monkey Wrench Quilt for Mom
7. Do the W. quilt
8. Irish Chain in Pink for DD
9. Granny Square quilts for N sisters and mom
10. Finish Ren Costume
11. Make winter weather Ren garb
12. Make Civil War gown (day or evening)
13. Finish new bodices for ren garb
14. Finish 7 shirts for me
15. Clothes for me
16. Clothes for DD

1. Finish DT
2. Submit DT
3. Finish GTF
4. Finish HA
5. Figure out major themes, storylines, and order for RH/RME
6. Finish TMCT completely
- WW
- EK
- EW
7. Write 2-10 pages a day
8. Contact at least 3 agents
9. Contact at least 3 editors
10. Attend RWA Nationals
11. Join FFP SIC of RWA
12. Participate in NaNoWriMo (write more than 2,000 words)
13. Enter Golden Heart (if eligible)
14. Look at RT possibilities in 2008


1. Lose Weight
2. Read w/ DD daily
3. Read more
4. Stay on top of finances
5. Stay on top of schoolwork
6. Organize and de-clutter my house
7. Get my CNA
8. Get job
9. Live w/in my means
10. Simplify my life
11. Get to myself better (aka get to know my inner elf)
12. Exercise 5X a week
13. Yoga 3X a week
14. Get DD a bike
15. ride w/ DD
16. Take DD to Sleeping Bear Dunes
17. Take DD to Binder Park
18. Take DD to local Art Museum
19. Get zoo membership
20. Take DD to GR Art museum
21. Take DD to GR public museum
22. Take DD to state capital
23. Take DD to Ford Museum in GR
24. Take DD to Ford Museum in D.
25. Take DD to Frankenmuth w/ my mom
26. Frankenmuth w/ mom, sil, aunts
27. Take DD to Chicago
28. Save up to go to SLC, Nashville, or Vegas to see as many of my sisters as I can.
29. Celebrate Christmas this year.
30. Start Christmas shopping early.

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