Thursday, February 01, 2007

Community Life

I was with my family not to long ago celebrating my mom's birthday and I remembered something... I enjoy being part of a larger 'family' group. The Saturday before my DD and I spent the night at my brother's house because I didn't feel like driving home at that hour and in those conditions. The next morning, I helped my SIL make breakfast and the three oldest kids helped set (and clear) the table. I cook for two people most of the time and endure my family's taunts and teasings when I cook for everyone. (They've always liked what I've made though.)

I enjoy the idea of a community life where there are several adults and children and everyone is helping everyone. A place with a community kitchen and gardens. Each immediate family has their own house where they can have privacy and visitors if they choose and own lives but still share the responsiblities of a community.

It's a dream, one that people have tried before -- with disasterous consequences, but I found that as a person, I'm social, and being alone isn't exactly motivating.

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