Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm not sure if it made it onto my goal list or not, but I love to sew and have added quilting to my list of things I like to make. Until now it has been self taught - a very interesting path to take let me assure you -- first quilt I ever made, my DD refuses to part with. <> :)

I moved a couple of years ago, and found a quilt store close to me, that has classes that can fit into a working student mom's very hectic schedule - and understanding owners that allow me to slide in a few minutes late - well they have one club, because it's not a class, that is called The $5.00 Quilt -- you pay $5 in January and receive a kit for a single block on either a light background or a dark background and as long as you bring the completed square the next month and don't miss any meetings you get the next block free - the catch -- sit for a half hour with other quilters and see the new fabrics and products coming into the store - and then show and tell -- it's fun. I'm trying new blocks and talking to a few people. And later this summer, since I switched to first shift - yeah me - I can take a night class in quilting and maybe finally my corners will match up and my points be pointed and not get cut off. Maybe. I'll have fun, so a few imperfections aren't going to bother me to much, we throw them on the bed anyway - use them as tents, capes, and the walls of forts and castles. LOL

Here are the first five blocks -- (I don't have a digital camera, just a scanner - so the sides are cut off - the blocks are suppose to be 10 1/2 inches square - I've not measured them and am scared to do so)

Road To Oklahoma -

Pinwheel -

New Album -

Jewel Box -

Sawtooth Star -

I still don't know how I'm going to finish them off, but I have until December to make that decision. And acquire the fabric - it's all one line, which is really cool. I'm thinking about putting two 1 inch borders around each square one in the background black and then one in another color that maybe can it all together.

I know I want a border or 3, and I like the idea of using alternating triangles in the colors from the quilt squares sandwiched between the background fabric.

There is still time. I'm excited. I'll share my progress. I got a new block yesterday - Balkan Puzzle - in golds.