Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I generally hate corporations. They're pretty much to blame for the whole economic crisis that and greed coupled with stupidity - at all levels.

But Michigan's economy is tanked and will tank harder when the Big 3 Auto makers fall. And why is that a big problem? Because the bone heads making decisions in this state put everything into cars (and furniture - but good furniture has been replaced by over priced pressboard crap from art van that has little use, no value, and not artistic at all) - everything.

Public schools lost the fight to send kids to college a long time ago because why spend 50K on education at UofM or MSU when you can make 30/hour at factory sitting on your ass and turning a couple of bolts (I have family who do this) and there fore public education gets you a factory job but very little else.

I'm a writer and a college student and vet majoring in medical - why do I care - family mostly - they'll lose they're jobs - the ones that haven't already - the houses will go into foreclosure, and 8 out of 10 cities will become ghost towns as everyone leaves the bloody state to look for work that pays.

Should the government bail them out? No, not really. Because instead of looking at what consumers wanted (smaller, more efficient cars) the Big 3 decided that more gas guzzling SUV's and Trucks were needed - that's what they ordered and that's what they pushed on people. Because really a family of two or four that lives in the city and never goes down a dirt road really needs an SUV/Mini-Van/Truck. *Doh*

Am I affected - was - 8 years ago when the evil-unholy bank of the improper fraction bought out the hometown bank and laid everyone (not an exaggeration) off.

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