Sunday, August 06, 2006

Memories from Lowry AFB

I'm not sure exactly why memories from 3450th Training Squadron at Lowry AFB hit me so suddenly today. There were so many people I'd love to talk to again, we were great friends and sometimes more. There was the weekend that we helped my friend take his first steps into a Viking relgion, there were nights spent talking, watching movies, and generally trying to get through training. THe ones I remember are Bill T, Heather J, Ben D, and mostly there was Eric M. Its been a few years since I last thought of them. I don't know where any of them are any more, but I hope they've all found peace, love, and happiness. I look to the stars, and still see my friends, my comrades, my brothers and sister, and will always remember you. Peace my friends. May you know it in your heart and always.

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