Thursday, August 03, 2006

And it gets bigger and bigger and...

...bigger... my family that is...well, specifically, my brother's family, because if it was my family, I'd have woken up half the country by now with both shouts of happiness and way to many questions. Oh, where was I, oh yeah, the growing family... my brother and his wife have four kids == Sean, Naomi, Lauren, and Jakob (in order oldest to youngest) and my SIL is now pregnant for #5. Five. Yup. Five. And now, they say they are done. hehehehe. They decided on 4 (the rest of us knew different-- we thought) and then said, in a daring act of bravery or stupidity, they said that if God thought they should have more He'd let them know. My brother was going in for his snip-snip next week. :) I'm still laughing. :) Though, I do welcome the addition to the family. And yes, there is a hint of envy in that comment.

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