Sunday, August 13, 2006

...and all I got was a....

tin of note cards....

I watched my brother's 4 kids and mine all weekend while they took the bike (Triumph) and rode up to Taquamenon Falls in the U.P. with my mom and stepdad (Harley) and my aunt and uncle (victory), and all I got was a tin of note cards. Granted they are Amy Brown note cards with some of the coolest faeries on them. But still --- note cards vs. motorcycle ride... this is so not fair!

My mom said I needed a husband that could ride before I could come on a trip with them, to which I replied "B*ll Sh*t. I just need a bike." So basically, she won't let me come on along because I'm not a couple. I'll just remember that when it's time for me to go to Ireland or Europe or Seattle or where ever... "sorry, mom, it's just for singles."

In other news though, I'm managing to make my director's life a nightmare -- only sort of -- I finished a short script, the first draft, to shoot this fall. It'll fun. It's cute, kinda artsy, which is so not my style, but since I have to do it (yes, its a choice, but I like being on the set, so I choose to work) I figure, I should give the director as much grief as possible. It makes me happy. Happy writer -- happy people... right... I think so.

P.S. -- yes, all of the kids are still around to give their parents grief. Because I must share. :)

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