Friday, December 23, 2005

Top Ten Reasons To Erase 2005


Oh, I have ten reasons to erase 2005 -- SIL miscarried. DD had back and neck injuries. DD had Scarlet Fever (which elicites responses such as "That's still around?"). DD eczema got worse. Dad was in and out of the hospital. Dad died. Niece was exposed to things that no child should be. Dad's fiancee had heart attack. SIL's grandparents died. DBro. house caught on fire. There's more but those were the biggies. And what I ended up with was:

SIL is pregnant again. DD's injuries weren't permenant or life threatening. Scarlet fever went away. Eczema is managible. Had time with dad. Still have memories. Neice will be fine. Dad's fiancee will be fine and now understands how the rest of us felt all this time. Brother and family are safe. Things are replacable. People aren't.

Friends are a blessing. Angels in disguise. And they have made a stressful year blessed.

So, as stressful as 2005 was, 2006 will be better. And as long as we choose to remember the good times, '05 can stay, at least in the history books.


Anonymous said...

Girlfriends/Angels what's the difference!!!

Onilyn said...