Thursday, December 22, 2005

On Fire Proof Safe's

I strongly suggest one for everyone and inside you should keep negetives, copies of whatever is on your computer's harddrive, insurance papers, wills, DD214's, bankcards, credit cards, and a spare set of house and car keys. Advice gleaned from watching my brother and his family sort through the charred remains of their home this morning. We are thankful because with the exception of their 2 cats and some fish, everyone got out alive and safe.


KariA1 said...

{{Juli and her family}}

Tim Gray said...

I strongly suggest more than that. a MEDIA RATED fireproof safe. fireproof rated safes allow the internal tempreature to get up to 160 degrees. This tempreature will destroy conventional photographs, slides, negatives, and discs. Media Rated will not allow the interior tempreature to exceed 100 degrees keeping such items safe.

and in any case it only has that rating for 1 hour. if the safe is in the center of the blaze for more than 1 hour all bet's are off.

Best thing to do is to store copies off site. Family, Friends or even a safety deposit box.

losing everything including all your memories like photographs has to be almost one of the biggest traumatic events in your life short of losing a parent, spouse or child.

Stasha said...

I'll second the off site storage of copies of important papers. Scrapbooks are another story.