Monday, September 11, 2006

Where Were You....

Do you rememer where you were, when you heard about New York, Pennsylvania, or the Pentagon?

This year movies have come out about the day, about the events that took place. And I've resisted saying too much. I don't think I'm ready to see it as Hollywierd would have me see it. That is something to be done years from now. Another decade or two, when the wounds aren't so fresh. Until this year, I've resisted watching the news coverage of what happened. I remember where I was, I remember watching it live, I remember. With heart wrenching detail I remember. I wasn't there, I was safe at work several states away. I didn't know anyone personally in any location. But I cried. I cried then and I cried today. And I had to explain to my now 7 year (almost 8) old DD why.

In five years, much has changed. My country wasn't the only one affected, many were. Both by the act and the aftermath. My travels are now endless security screenings, my freedom's have been encrouched on by the government in the name of security. And I don't feel more secure, I feel more vulnerable. Now, I wonder what the government will do and what our enemies will do.

And yet, an interesting thing happened that day. Two things. Americans became united. Proud of who they are. And most of the world became united. United in pain, senseless, needless pain. It brought us together like nothing else has.

My heart aches today much as it did then. I have more worries now, I have friends, family, in the midst of the fighting. I have guilt for not being there, and hope that it ends soon, with no more dead soldiers. No more flags at half-staff for soldiers who should've come home and didn't.

By time my daughter gets into highschool, today will be an established event, possibly with ceremonies that begin to lose true meaning. By the time my grandchildren learn of 9/11 and the tragedy and ensuing war, it'll be just another historical date to memorize and regurgitate in a boring history class that they are taking because it is required. And they will understand none of the pain I feel now.

Time doesn't necessarily heal wounds, it just takes out the emotion for ensuing generations.

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