Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well Duh!

What idiot actually thought people would be 'over' what happened in 9/11? Probably some moron who has never actually lost anyone or anything. More booksmarts than common sense. (It was a reporter, who seemed surprise at the amount of pain emenating from people. Idjit)

That may seem harsh to some people, but look at it. Really. If you've lost someone or know someone who has, ask yourself, do you ever get 'over it'? My parents lost their youngest son to cancer when he was 4, 21 years ago, and until my father's dying day, he never forgot, he never stopped wondering, asking, thinking, or loving my brother. My mom is still alive, and deals with those questions all of the time, with added guilt over whether she caused it. Logic work in matters of the heart really well. I nearly lost my daugther, nearly not lose, 7 years ago, still scares me sh*tless. And if you really need to get your head out of your a**, ask the survivors from previous wars and attacks, if they are 'over it'.

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