Sunday, July 30, 2006

If I Ruled the land....

It's test day...

This one is from Whiz

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:Your Royal Beauteous Grace on High
Your symbol is:a Jack Russel terrier, because of Wishbone
You rule from:a mountaintop mansion
At your side is:your unicorn steed, Sparkles
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:elves - with WINGS!!
Your most popular law is:"National Pajamas Day"
Your least popular law is:Electro-shock collars for stupid people
Your worst enemy is:Johnny Depp - possibly hotter than you in good light
Your popularity rating is:: 75%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 16%
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