Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Depressing Book

Really -- what is it with authors of non-genre fiction -- Literature *shivers* -- that believe that the only good ending is a horribly sad ending? I read this one book that is totally engrossing with really good characters and a good story that was well written -- hate the pov chosen though -- first person present -- ugh with small hangup -- through the whole thing you expect victory for the main character -- and expect the supporting character - her sister -- to not win = do you get it? NOpe. Shortly after winning her case the heroine is killed in a car accident. And still you are denied the full dawning realization of the parents. ugh. If I had known it was a tragic ending like Romeo and Juliet, I would never have read the book. And now, if ya'll don't mind, I'm going to go read something where good can still win, evil loses, and hope never dies. Too much in the fantasy realm? Really, with how hard and inescapable our lives become, with more stress and trauma than we think our bodies and souls can take, is it so much to ask to be reminded that miracles can happen? That good still prevails? That evil is vanquished? That there is still a place for hope and love? Or are we so grounded in science and realism that we forget to live, breathe, believe, love? Love isn't science its emotion. Emotion takes guts. Science takes nothing.

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