Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About my Grades...

If it's about my grades, and your belief that I can't handle the stress of the job I want, let me explain.

In August of 2005, I got home from school, said hello to my daughter, and recieved a phone call from my brother, stating that he'd be there in 10 minutes and we were going to Ann Arbor, UofM hospital. Dad was sick. I had ten minutes to pack, email my profs telling them what was up and didn't know when I'd be back in class, ask my roommate to watch my DD, and say good-bye to her before leaving for the 3 hour drive to the hospital. I kept in touch with a couple of people, while sitting beside my comatosed dad. 3 weeks later, we came home for 3 days. I took my finals and then we went back. One week before classes started, my dad died. I was busy with funeral stuff and didn't go to the first day of school. Two weeks later I learn my neice suffered one of the most destestable things possible at the hands of a reletive -- Court proceedings followed the next year. My SIL's grandparents died in November, and we had the first Thanksgiving without my dad. During finals, 4 days before Christmas, I nearly lost my brother and his entire family in a house fire. THey lost everything, but we had them. The first day of the next semester, my roomate, the woman who was like a mother to me and a grandmother to my DD, died. My DD and I found her. I stood on my own with my DD. And to top it all off, I have friends and family in the war. A man I was sort of seeing went active September 14th, 2001 and and hasn't been home since. Aside from that, this all happened in the last year.

Stress, I can handle. I pulled good grades A's and B's during the worst time, to date, of my life.

Did I include this in my essay -- no, because I stand on my own feet, not on excuses.

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